Best quality roof edge protection installations are done in the best way. We have the best solutions for the perfect service for this. How to make working on a flat roof safer? By using good, strong roof edge protection. At PPS USA your safety is always paramount. In the range you will find various forms of roof edge protection. Let the employees of PPS USA advise you on what best suits your situation.

PPS USA uses ASC, RSS Solid GM roof edge protection and combines this with new innovative techniques. That is why it is always possible to offer very strong edge protection. The system consists of a propylene coupling of handrail parts, eaves held in place by a ballast block, and finally very strong aluminum / dorton couplings. The PPS USA edge protection is very easy to transport. You can easily fold the system, which means that the edge protection takes up little space during transport. The protection is easy to install and remove. And of course very safe. Roof edge protection meets all safety requirements and makes working on a flat roof easy and safe.