We offer high quality pipe scaffolding with state of the art setups for long term result. For that we make use of the best methods and materials. This scaffolding based on pipes and clamps is a scaffolding system based on 48mm pipes and metal clamps. The main advantage of this system that the horizontal pipes can be “coupled” to the vertical pipes at any height and in any direction thanks to the joint use of metal clamps. (Maximum distances are limited only by engineering restrictions).

The pipe clamp system requires a large amount of labor for its assembly, since it is not a modular system. It is generally used for working on non-rectangular, curved and irregular structures, where high resistance is required, combined with great flexibility of use and unlimited versatility. By combining the horizontal and vertical pipes, we can combine high-resistance props obtaining high-performance results and maximum structural capacity. The system is versatile and safe and adapts to any type of project, being able to create solid structures for the construction or for the maintenance of the facades of buildings, monuments, churches, etc.